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by kate (michellealmeida)
at September 24th, 2006 (01:37 pm)

jack and chloe
rating pg-13ish
title its the way
prompt all the cute little things that happen at ctu that lead people to think jack/chloe

let me know what you think please. :]

Its the way she was so loyal to him. Its the way she wouldnt get arrested for anyone but Jack. Its the way she stood by him even if she didn't believe in him at the time. She trusted him, Jack wouldn't let her down.

It's the way she she talked to him on the phone when he called. She'd track those satalites for him anytime.

Its the way sparks ran down her spine everytime she saw him walk back into CTU after a big shootout. Knowing he was ok, and that everything would be fine for now made her feel warm and gooey inside like it did no one else. Its the way she felt one way around him, and another around other guys.

Its the way she depended on him to make her feel safe, and how she felt secure around him. Alone she was a helpless puppy fending for itself.

Its the way she would get a rush everytime they accident brushed by each other. Their skin touching for even the slightest second, and she would be in heaven.

Its the way she worried for him all the time. Always making sure she took extra measures to insure his safety, and telling him when to get out of situations, and how.

Its the way she and him snuck around the office like there was nothing between them. Like they weren't hiding a secret relationship. It's what made him more desirable.

Its the way she and Jack shared a lust for each other. She wanted him, and he knew it.

Its they way they kissed back at Jack's place, knowing that no one knew but them. It made it like a mission, something that was Jack's specialty.

Its the way Chloe yearned for Jack 24 hours of the day. Her body disatisfied if they weren't in physical contact.

Its the way they had a driving passion for each other that made their relationship all the more lustful. Knowing what was waiting for them after a hard days work.

Its the way they loved one another, and nothing could stand in the way of true love.


So what did you think?