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by kate (michellealmeida)
at September 24th, 2006 (01:31 pm)

my first post here :]

jack and chloe
rating pg-13
title internal room
prompt what will chloe do when she sees jack in a very compromising position

let me know what you think please. :]

oh, and the italics is thoughts. :]

She pulled him by tie into the internal room, and locked the door. Then she turned around ever so secductivley, and pushed him against a stack of computers. She kissed him harder by the second, the heat of their two bodies pressed together was enough to make anyone orgasm.

After what seemed like hours, they both came up for air, their hearts pounding in unison.

"I love you, Jack" Audrey whispered as she gracefully placed her hand on Jack's face, and took a deep breath obsorbing in all his peppermint aftershave. It took her back to the time he first walked through the doors of her father's office, leaving that brisk scent behind sending her straight to a place of heaven. She smiled and cocked her head slightly to the side thinking of the first time she talked to him.

"Hello. My name is Audrey Raines, and i'm the daughter of Secretary of Defence James Heller. Welcome." She then screwed up her face and let out a slight giggle. Who wouldn't, that man was gorgeous!

"Whats so funny?"

"What? Oh! Sorry, um the question was?" She wasnt paying attention. Her focus was, well, lower than usual.

Jack smiled. "Whats so funny?"

"Oh, yes, um, ...." she couldn't think of any excuse in the accecptable im-not-lying time frame.

"It's fine. You seemed a little flustered, is all."

"Well who wouldnt be?" she said slightly loosening up, and then snapped back up as she replayed what she just said in her head. Her eyes were wide open in shock. What an idiot I am. How could I let that slip out?

"Are you sure your not attracted to me?"

What is his problem? Why would he think something like that? He must be a genius, i've never seen any man figure out the signs so fast.

But then again this was no ordinary man, this was Jack Bauer.

"What? No. My father has some documents for you..." She put on her glasses, and opened the file, but Jack stopped her, and immediately pulled him next her, kissing her softly. Then he pulled away from her, smiling at her.

"Now, what were these documents?"

Audrey suddenly snapped back into reality when she realized Jack was kissing her again, the way he did when they first met. Suddenly the door opened, and there standing before them, was Chloe O'Brian.

"Chloe. Hey." Audrey said moving away from Jack.

"Whats up. What do you need?"

"Well. It looks like you've got everything you need, so don't worry about me." and she instantly ran from the room.

"Jack, i'm so sorry. I thought I locked it."

"No, its not your fault, she knows this system in and out. She knew how to beat the lock."

Jack chased after her. "Chloe? Chloe? I know you can hear me." She was nowhere in the hallways. "Damnit."

Instead she was inside a stall in the ladies bathroom.

How could I fall for someone like Jack Bauer? He's in love with Audrey. Its just not fair.

Jack walked down the hallway looking for somewhere she could stash herself, and there it was right in front of his face. The ladies bathroom. He opened the door, and heard crying. Why would she be crying? Unless, ...


Jack! Ohmygod. I have to stop crying. Stop crying Chloe, stop!

She let out another soft sob. Damnit. He was at the stall door now.


"Yes, Jack?" she said her voice breaking into another sniffle.

"Why are you crying? Theres no need for you to cry."

Chloe was furious. She immediately got up, and opened the stall door.

"No need to cry? Well excuse me. I love you, Jack. But no, im sorry. I only saw you making out with Audrey. No problem!"

Chloe pulled open the door so hard it hit the wall behind it, and stormed out into the hallway.

"Chloe, Chloe wait."

She wasn't listening.

"Chloe." Jack grabbed her hand, and spun her around onto him planting a passionate kiss on her, and keeping it there.

After a while Chloe pulled away, and took a gasp of fresh air.

"I love you, Chloe. Why do you think I couldn't say it to Audrey?"

"I, I didn't even her say it to you."

Jack smirked, and brushed his hand through her hair, and pulled her in for another kiss when Chloe pulled away abruptly.

"Chloe, its ok."

"No, Jack its not."

"What are you so afraid of?"


"Audrey, what about Audrey?"

"She's right behind you."

tell me what you think. xox
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