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jackchloex3's Journal

jack/chloe. do what feels right.

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it's jackchloex3, a community for Jack/Chloe shippers to unite and post graphics, fanfiction, and dicuss lasest happenings on 24 pertaining to jack/chloe. why jack/chloe? some ask. well, because everyone has their ships, no matter how quirky they may be.

Community Rules
1. No bashing of the ship Jack/Chloe. Don't like it, leave this journal.

2. No promoting other communities will be tolerated.

3. Keep everything long under a cut. This inlcudes: fanart, icons, fanfiction, and spoilers espically. keeping them under a cut is a must. if you do not, the post will be deleted, and you will be considered for banning.

4. Fanfiction properly rated is a must. [G-NC17] Some people prefer less graphic stories than others, so lets respect that.

5. No spamming whatsoever, or talk about other ships. Thats what other communities are for.

6. Have fun. Its what this community is for. :]

community headed up by: michellealmeida.
currently looking for a co-head.